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 Useful information
 for international visitors 

On your first visit :

On your first visit with our care team, it is important for us to have as much information about you and your health as possible. Please be helpful by providing the following:

  • Proof of identity (passport/ID)
  • EU health insurance card (only for EU patients)
  • Medical note from the referring doctor or from the hospital/clinic where you were treated
  • Histology/cytology report (biopsy)
  • Imaging exams (x-ray, ultrasound, CT/MRI scan, scintigraphy)
  • Lab tests (hematological, urine, etc)
  • Molecular or genetic test results
  • Surgery report (if performed)
  • List of all medications you take for other health problems

Bioncology Care Helpdesk

Monday to Friday

Hours 09:00-15:00

Call Centers

Line 1 : +302310372698
Line 2: +302310372699

Reception Desk

86 Mitropoleos Str., 8th Floor
Thessaloniki (View Map)


To Book an appointment or a Skype Virtual Visit

To book an appointment please contact us through our call center. You may be able to change your clinic appointment to a virtual visit (Skype meeting), for more information contact our care team.
m: +306944189715

Out of Hours Support

Bioncology Care ( Hours 08.30-23:00 ) :
Line1: +302310372699 & Line2: +306944189715
Emergency Line* ( 24h support line provided by the colocated clinic, Biokliniki SA )
Line: +302310372600

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